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Web Design

At Alpharayz, your project is completely designed by us in advance so that you know exactly what to expect upon delivery. The designs are delivered completely in house style, together with all your wishes to make it fully suitable. Designers and developers work closely together to create websites that function well and are pleasing to the eye.We always try to deliver a design that appropriately integrates with the corporate identity of your company or organization. If you do not yet have a corporate identity, you can engage the Alpharayz designers to create a suitable corporate identity. Years of experience in the field of design come into their own.

web Design

Web Development

We think it is important that you as a client are involved in the development and realization of the project. During the design phase, the client will see his/her future website in image format. As a client, you are given the opportunity to pass on changes and feedback, so that we can tailor your project to your vision.When the design phase is over, it is time for the technical part of the development. Your website is programmed from A to Z and linked to an appropriate management system. During programming, we take into account any future extensions and changes to the project. This way we keep it flexible at all times.

web Development

App Development

A large part of the online data traffic nowadays consists of the visits of mobile users. It is therefore not surprising that many companies have a mobile version of their website or even complete apps. Alpharayz knows how important it is that websites are easily accessible for mobile users. We therefore offer various options to convert your website to a mobile version. These methods are cheaper than developing an application for, for example, the app store or Google Play (Android market). The websites can also be viewed directly in the mobile version without having to download an application. This way you can be sure that every mobile user can visit your website in the way you want.

app Development

Bug Fixing

User Reports Bug, Quality Analyst Team reproduces bug, The Development Team triages the identified bug to check whether it's really a bug If it is a bug, it is assigned to the Development Team Quality Analyst Team tests the bug fix in the next release Enhancements, however, are feature requests. Sometimes, there is requirement to add new functionality or make changes to existing functionality in order to make the product more efficient, fast and usable. Alpharayz provides complete solution for front end enhancements and back end bug fixing for websites, mobile and web applications.

bug Fixing